The problem of traffic in our community affects us all. There needs to be public-private conversations where new and innovative solutions can emerge for transportation issues and infrastructure. We need new policies, investments in infrastructure, and we can achieve this by creating our own financial solutions in collaboration with existing and new partners, that will also lead to small business success. Businesses play a vital role in moving our economy form recession to recovery, to expansion within the economic cycle.


When it comes to the issues that affect our every day lives, there is no time for parties and politics. Solutions can only be achieved by working together and creating competence in the marketplace. It is time for serious talk. Time to focus on what is reasonable, what is rational and real. Time for us to demand the resources that we need, and for this I need your help. We need to change the course of events as they exist. There is blame on both sides. The problem right now is disfunction, which is often a political weapon. So let’s work together on finding common ground and providing a climate in our district that is conducive for business to grow and for our community to thrive.